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• Sugarwall Achievements = • Two 2011 National Tours • 150,00 Youtube Video Views • 98% Positive Feedback
• 24,000 Facebook Friends • iTunes • Digital Distribution • Video Premiered on MTV
• Video Playing on Jukebox Services • Fantastic Record "Full Circle"
• In Talks with Major Labels for Record Deal!

Interested in GCG taking your music career to the next level?

Artists today can record their music affordably, with digital distribution and social media, reach an enormous market, stores are no longer closed, sales happen 24/7. The potential for success is there, but to achieve it, there needs to be a high level of career planning and organization that most artists cannot formulate or execute effectively. That's why you need GCG, with us you will be successful!

It's 2012 - What has changed in the music industry? In the past, record labels had a hold on the artist because of "barriers to entry": recording, distribution, radio play, retail access, promotion and marketing plus real world experience. Record labels would assist artists in overcoming these barriers and in return have the artist's copyrights assigned to them, taking the lions share of income, paying the artist a small % of "Net" sales only after they recouped. The only initial upside for the artist was the potential advance against sales but more often than not any artist who had minimal success regretted taking money up front and paying it back at a large comparative interest rate. Many artists ended up taking their labels to court trying to get the rights to their music returned to them. With 360 deals, you give up even more... unless you can negotiate with some juice! With GCG you no longer give up your important copyrights!


• Colin Hay Achievements = • Multiple National Tours • Film & TV Placements
• National Retail Distribution of CD Catalog • Major National Radio Play
• Single "Don't Believe You Anymore" Mixed by Ian Faith
• Exponential Growth of Solo Career

GCG is Music Industry Executive, Ian Faith's company, we take a brand new approach to building and crafting careers. Music Execs are gold for artists with talent, drive and a work ethic. We know how to evaluate talent, assess potential and with our wealth of music industry knowledge, craft a successful career. We know where to spend money and more importantly where not to, and with limited budgets this can mean success or failure to the upcoming talent. Any idiot can spend money - It takes experience and knowledge to make money and we have a track record of doing that. Resume

Working with GCG? When you work with us you will feel like you are already signed to a record label. We only form relationships with artists we think have what it takes to be successful, regardless if you are an established act looking for guidance or a new act. GCG has connections with peers across the industry and has relationships that can assist in elevating an artist above the crowd. It takes a good network to achieve success. We pursue several avenues of attack for your career including placing you with a larger indie or major label through our connections, (with a story to tell and a record of sales) so they can take you to the highest levels and we can make a good referral fee. Or, sign you to our exclusive label. Or provide guidance towards a successful indie career where you would pay us a royalty from the income we help you generate. Basically we make our artists successful! You get the advantage of our industry knowledge and expertise. You get to show us what you've got! And best of all, YOU ALWAYS OWN your career and copyrights!

• Boo Yaa Tribe Achievements = • #1 Urban CD Sales 22 Weeks for ADA/Warner Bros Distribution
• Negotiated Deal to Feature Major Artists including: Eminem, Mack 10, WC, More
• Millions of Youtube Video Views • Featured on 1st iTunes Poster • Worldwide Distribution
• National Press, Billboard, XL, VIBE, MTV News, Rolling Stone
• Video for "Bang On" Premiered on MTV


Signing an Artist Representation Deal with GCG?

You want us to be your Music Biz Executives? Are you willing to invest in your career? Do you believe in what you do? Don't expect us to work with you just because you have a budget, WE ONLY WORK WITH ARTISTS WE FEEL CAN MAKE IT IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY that means we think you have talent, potential and a work ethic! We will evaluate you first before we start working together. After signing a contract with us, if by some chance you don't like the direction your career is going, or we feel you are not being professional, we part ways, or you fire us, either way you walk away with all of your rights, this way you retain all the power.

Our rates vary depending on the workload and where you are in your career. Limited spots available. Once we both are happy to work together we will discuss terms and sign paperwork. Contact us for an initial chat and let's see if this is a right fit.... for both of us.

• Christina Aguilera Achievements = Multi Platinum Worldwide • Multiple Awards
"When I first heard Christina, I knew she was an awesome talent, putting "I Come Undone" 1998 on my
Scene Compilation of new up and coming artists was a no brainer." I then took her to several major labels
as my Producers Rob Hoffman and Heather Holley worked on great songs with her"


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